Coach Rollins Jones

Record in 18 games: 11-5-1

Winning Percentage: 67.647

Total scored: 261

Total allowed: 97

Average game: 14.50-5.39

Shutouts by Red Devils: 11

Shutouts by opponents: 6

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Fri, Sep 25WarrentonW13-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 9AthensL0-34H[more]
Fri, Oct 16LavoniaW26-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 23TennilleW25-0T[more]
Fri, Oct 30HartwellW44-0H[more]
Fri, Nov 6MadisonL0-7T[more]
Orange jerseys?
Fri, Nov 13Monroe AreaW12-0H[more]
Fri, Nov 20ThomsonW51-6H[more]
Wed, Nov 25ARC "B"W13-7T[more]
Night game
Totals for 19367-2-0


Fri, Sep 24WarrentonW13-0T[more]
Fri, Oct 1LavoniaL0-24T[more]
Thu, Oct 7ARC "B"L7-13T[more]
Thu, Oct 14GMC "B"W12-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 22McCormickW39-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 29HartwellW6-0T[more]
Sat, Nov 6GMC "B"T0-0T[more]
Fri, Nov 12WrensU0-0H[more]
Fri, Nov 19ThomsonL0-6T[more]
Totals for 19374-3-1