Team Meets Warrenton Friday

September 23, 1937

The team meets the Warrenton players Friday at Warrenton. Of course, we are expecting a great game and a winning score, since our players have practiced hard and shown great improvement since the first practice.

The new uniforms look great. The coach has really worked. He is an inspiration to the boys. The team is running over with enthusiasm and the determination to win every game this season, proving that good old yell you'll be hearing at every game.

When you're up, you're up;
When you're down, you're down;
When you're up against Lincolnton
You're upside down ---------------

The boys making the trip are: Allen Goldman, Charles Estes, Homer Moss, John May, Bob Guillebeau, Melvin Partridge, George Wright, Stanley Teasley, Robert Parks, G. D. Talbert, James Burton, Thomas Bunch, Tom Beck Steed, J. W. Henderson, Shelwyn Wansley, Neal Wansley, Emory Flint, Clayton Myers, Thomas Paradise, Tommie Cunningham, Irvin Moss, Billy Bunch, William Ivey, Kelley Mims, and Lang Steed.