Many People Attend Warrenton Game

September 30, 1937

Among those attending the football game in Warrenton last Friday were Misses Frances Wright, Sara Harnesberger, Dot Estes, Dorothy Breazeale, Jean Rees, LeVerte Drinkard, Annette Hoag, Maytrice Martin, Martha Smith, Jean Murray, Ruth Studdard, Martha Colvin, Olga Brown, Jacque Wright, Irene Hammond, Myrtle Smalley, Marp Frances Bentley, Leslie Rees, Marguerite McCrimmon, Edna Holloway, Sara McWhorter, Bettty Wansley, Mary Bertha Ward, Mildred Estes, Virginia Wilkes, Vivian Adair, Louise Smalley, Alicia Powell.

Misters Rollin Jones, James Smalley, Neal Wansley, Sherwyn Wansley, Pete Cunningham, Clayton Myers, Billy Bunch, Melvin Patridge, Homer Moss, John May, G. D. Talbert, Irvin Moss, James Burton, Bob Guillebeau, Allen goldman, Marion Watson, Harvey Guillebeau, Mitchell Flint, Tommie Cunningham, George Jones, Thomas Matthews, Alex Dunnaway, Charles Estes, Larry Prince, John Drinkard, Leonard Brown, Harvey Ulm, T. C. Burton, Thomas Hogan, Thomas Mims, Thomas Bunch, George Wright, Emory Flint, Charlie Wall, Tom Smalley Edward Smalley, Clarence Smalley, Baskin Brown, Charles Bussey, Kelly Mims, William Ivey, Carl Ivey, J. C. McLean, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Brown, Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Spratlin, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoag, Mr. and Mrs. Mays, Mrs. Dean and little daughter, Mrs. R. T. Norman, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Smith and children, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hogan.