LHS Opens Season with Warrenton

September 18, 1952

After three weeks on intensive training and preparation, the Lincolnton Red Devils will be primed and ready for their first game of the 1952 season against Warrenton here Friday night, according to Coach Ralph Chambers.

Coach Chambers, an alumnus of Piedmont College, comes to Lincolnton from Commerce where he achieved an enviable record of twenty four wins out of thirty games during a three-year period.

"The small squad of players are in good physical condition and are showing a lot of determination and diligent work," asserted Coach Chambers. He expressed optimism in the teamís offensive unit. However, he was doubtful about the defensive capabilities largely due to the small-numbered squad which prohibits all-out scrimmage sessions. The Red Devils will rely chiefly on speed and deception using a single and double wing attack behind an unbalanced line.

The probable starting lineup for Fridayís game is:

Left End-------------------------------------Billy Harmon.
Left Tackle---------------------------------Lemuel Glidewell.
Left Guard---------------------------------Lamar Banks.
Center--------------------------------------Jack Ferguson.
Right Guard-------------------------------Tom Butler.
Right Tackle-------------------------------Jim Deason.
Right End----------------------------------Buster Martin.
Blocking Back-----------------------------Lee Bradford.
Wing Back---------------------------------Thomas Goolsby.
Tail Back-----------------------------------Harvey Goldman.
Full Back-----------------------------------Johnny Freeman.

The above line averages 150 pounds and the backfield 153 pounds.

Kickoff time will be at 8:00 P.M. Admission will be 25 cents and 75 cents.


The roster of players include:

Name Pos. Wgt
Billy Harmon E. 145
Lemuel Glidewell T. 140
Lamar Banks G. 155
Jack Ferguson ` C. 140
Tom Butler G. 155
Jimmy Deason T. 165
Buster Martin E. 150
Lee Bradford B. 150
Harvey Goldman B. 148
Johnny Freeman B 175
Thomas Goolsby B. 140
Wade Ivey T. 165
Olin Reed G. 125
W. L. Crook B. 120
Roy Guillebeau E. 105
George Maloof G. 127
Thomas Partridge T. 150
Leonard Tyner E. 121
Gordon Snellings G. 125
Tony Dallas E. 145
Charles Norton B 160
Charles Martin 150