Lincoln County Remains #1 in Class A

September 04, 2007

Our Devils received 117 votes and 10 first-place votes to continue as the #1 team in the AP Class A poll. However, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rankings are very different.

AP has Lincoln 1 with Athens Academy second, Wilcox County third, and Commerce fourth.

Over in Atlanta, the AJC puts Wilcox first, Seminole (8th in AP) second, ECI (9th in AP) third, and our Devils fourth.

After Warren County's strong thrashing of Washington-Wilkes last Friday, the Screaming Devils are now 7th in both lists.

This week is the first time in years that Lincoln County has the only set of Red Devils in the Class A rankings. Bowdon and Hawkinsville both fell out of the top 10 after season-opening losses last week.