BULLETIN: GHSA redraws brackets

November 09, 2009

The GHSA has redrawn all brackets to correct their errors. If our Devils win in first 2 rounds, they could now face #2 Savannah Christian in quarterfinals.

For Class A, the corrected bracket moved 8 teams. As you view the bracket, the foursome in the top left swapped places with the second foursome on the right side. The new bracket potential has the states #2 and #3 teams meeting in the quarterfinals, should both our Red Devils and Savannah Christian survive the first two rounds.

All brackets for football, basketball, and 3 other sports were affected, so this is not the case of a team complaining and getting the bracket changed. Per GHSA.net, "There is only a slight adjustment to make sure that the Nos. 1 and 4 teams from the same region are in the same half of the draw."

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