Red Devils 2nd in GA Top Program Ranking

April 18, 2010

Former Red Devil assistant coach Alvin Richardson has devised a formula for ranking Georgia football programs. Our Red Devils cam in second behind the nation's all-time winningest program, Valdosta.

This info was first published in the GHSF Daily newsletter of February 8, 2010:

Which Georgia schools have the most football tradition? Former Morgan County football coach (and current school football historian) Alvin Richardson devised a formula. Below are his rankings and explanations. First, GHSF Daily wishes to plug his book, "It's A Dawg's Life, 60 Years of Morgan County Football." It's one of the handful of best histories of a high school program that we've come across. He is doing histories for other football programs and would be glad to discuss doing one with your school. Call 706-319-0718 or e-mail for more information.

Here's Coach Richardson's look at football tradition:

"I took a look at high school football programs in Georgia in an attempt to determine the schools with a strong tradition. Ranking them is obviously a subjective matter. In this listing I have used research from 1948 through the 2008 season to come up with a number of teams that seem to qualify as tradition-rich. In this first section the 10 teams chosen had to meet two criteria. 1. Have won a minimum of 400 games, and 2. Have won a minimum of five state championships. The following teams (based on my findings) are the only ones in Georgia that meet both. I then assigned points based on those two categories in order to rank the teams against each other. One point was awarded for each victory and 10 points were awarded for each state championship won. These were the only teams that qualified on both criteria."

Valdosta: 615-138-9 record (21 state titles) 825 points
Lincoln County: 573-173-16 (14) 713
Carrollton: 558-156-23 (7) 628
LaGrange: 490-193-17 (6) 550
Clarke Central:483-216-10 (5) 533
Buford: 459-231-14 (7) 529
Thomson: 477-196-20 (5) 527
Americus: 447-180-14 (6) 507
Statesboro: 461-206-11 (5) 511
Morgan County: 412-246-19 (5) 462