Lincoln County Has Longest String of Playoff Seasons

May 28, 2010

Recent research has determined that Lincoln County has the longest current streak of playoff seasons at 36.

Our Red Devils have made the playoffs every year since 1974. If today's playoff system was in place in 1973, the streak would be a year longer, since our Devils finished second in the region in 1973.

Marist, the Atlanta private school, is second with 27 years. That is very impressive considering that Marist often plays two classes higher than it has to based on attendance.

Other schools of note include Bowdon tied for 4th with 22, Charlton County sixth at 20, Clinch County eleventh with 15, Commerce 13th at 13. Washington-Wilkes is tied for 16th with a dozen straight trips to the playoffs.

[List of current consecutive playoff years, 10 or more years in GHSA]