GHSA Delays Decision on Major Realignment Changes

March 23, 2011

The Georgia High School Association Executive Committee voted earlier this week to delay a scheduled decision on a major realignment for the 2012-13/2013-14 school years.

The major issues during the current reclassification/realignment discussions center on reducing travel and trying to resolve the public-vs-private inequalities that exist in some situations.

Different factions among GHSA schools are pushing for variations of one of two new concepts, or to keep the current 5-class system.

One of the new concepts is called the "4/8 plan" since it features 4 classes during the regular season, with teams in each class being split into two divisions (based on attendance) for the playoffs. Eight state champions would be crowned.

The other concept features six classes rather than five, which would help to shrink region size.

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