10 Questions to Test Your Lincoln County Knowledge

September 26, 2012

Here are a few questions that will test your knowledge of local gridiron history, and local history in general.

(Note: The first 3 answers printed in The Journal are in the wrong order. The correct sequence is shown below We thank Tradition's Mom for pointing out her son's error! The following also makes a slight change in one question.)


1. Buddy Bufford and Thomas Bunch assisted another young man during one of his seasons as Red Devil head football coach. Who was that head coach?

2. In the 1960's, Westside High fielded a football team for at least four seasons. Name at least one coach of the Lions.

3. What former Washington player became a head coach in Lincolnton?

4. Lincolnton High's first championship didn't come in football. What sport was it in?

5. Of these men, who was never a Red Devil assistant or head football coach? Curry Colvin, Tracy Fortson, Randall Edmunds, Dan Pitts, Carl Ivey.

6. At times over the years, a local young person has dressed as a Red Devil at games. Which of these persons has become a leader in the Atlanta community?

7. Who has been a fixture on the Red Devil sideline longer than Larry Campbell?

8. Only three men have filmed or videotaped almost every game for the past 40+ years. Name them.

9. W. T. Dunaway was the gentleman who started high school football in Lincoln County. Where did he play football?

10. What current head coach at another school is the son of a Red Devil Homecomng queen.


1. John Hawkins in 1948. Hawkins would be better known as the local ag teacher, FFA sponsor, and later assistant superintendent.

2. Coleman Kennedy and Robert Williams were two of the Westside football coaches.

3. Lucius "Tiny" Groves. He was recruited by Washington and moved from Lincoln County to Washington in 1922. He would be the Devil head coach in 1929. He would later be a partner in Groves Store uptown, which was known as Jimmy Deason's store before being torn down to make room for Bell's Supermarket.

4. Track, in 1921.

5. They all were, except for Randall Edmunds. Dr. Edmunds, after his NFL career ended, returned to Lincoln County as a surveyor and teacher before serving as School Superintendent for 30 years.

6. Justine Norman Boyd, LCHS Class of 1980, is currently the Executive Director of the Komen Atlanta organization. In recent years she has been the CEO of the Atlanta YWCA and County Clerk for Fulton County.

7. Chief Statistician Jerry Power, who has been keeping play-by-play since the 1960's. He drives from Anderson each week to capture the numbers.

8. Donald Hill, Gross Bentley, and Marion Aycock were those three.

9. Dunaway, who was later elected Clerk of Court, played football at Mercer College in Macon. The Bears dropped football in 1942, but are reviving the sport next year.

10. Lee Chomskis, the head coach at Vidalia High, is the son of Ann Pitts, the 1956 Homecoming Queen.