Points to Decide Playoff Seeding

October 17, 2012

This season will mark the first time the GHSA has split Class A football into public and private brackets, with a calculated "power rating" used to seed the 16 teams in each bracket.

The eight region champions automatically qualify for the playoffs, and will be seeded in the appropriate bracket based on their power rating with the highest rating getting the highest seed.

Each bracket will then be completed by listing the remaining teams by power rating, highest first. There are no requirements for each region to have a certain number of participating teams, other than the region champ that automatically qualifies.

GHSA.net: Class A power rating procedure

Each team's power rating is based on who they played, the outcome of that game, and that opponent's record (first 10 games only). A win counts as 10 points, with a loss zero. If the opponent is from a larger class, a bonus of 2 points is added for each larger class (AA=2, AAA=4, AAAA=6, AAAAA=8, AAAAAA=10). Each game won by the opponent adds 1 point (assuming they played 10 games). These are totalled to get the points for a game. The points for all games are totalled and then divided by the number of games to determine the power rating.
Here's what Lincoln County's calculations look like on October 17.

GHSA usually updates the power ratings on Tuesday.

GHSA.net: Current Power Ratings

If the season ended today (October 16) and Lincoln County was deemed the 7-A champ, the Devils would be seeded first and would host Claxton in the first round of the public playoffs. Wilcox County would host Hancock Central, and so forth. The four rounds of playoffs would conclude with the Class A Public state title game in the Dome.

There will be some changes to the power ratings each week. Depending on who plays whom and how they did, some teams will drop and some will rise.

And of course the team that finishes in 17th or below will complain about the power points system.