Seminole County #4, LC #10

October 01, 2013

Seminole County moved to the #4 position in the GHSF Daily Class A rankings andis the top-ranked public school in the smallest classification.

Our Red Devils remained #10 in the rankings.

Eagle's Landing Christian and Landmark Christian remained the top two teams in the poll. ELCA beat Holy Innocents 34-14 and Landmark whipped Mount Vernon Presbyterian 56-19.

Aquinas remained third after drubbing Twiggs County 52-21. The Irish visit Lincolnton next week.

Seminole did not play. #5 Johnson County managed to beat Savannah Christian 14-7 in a very close game. Savannah Chrisian droppedto #6.

Prince Avenue Christian beat Athens Christian and moved up one spot. Idle Irwin County did not plan as week, butmoved up to #9

Marion County is #9 after beating Greenville 35-8 to stay afloat.