TLJ: Devils Take on Tigers at Home Friday

August 28, 2002

From The Lincoln Journal: "I look forward to playing Washington-Wilkes. I'd like to think we won't be embarrassed like we were last year. That was the first time in 30 years I've had a team get embarrassed about the score," stated Larry Campbell, Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at LCHS.

55-14 -- a very sweet moment for W-W fans and a stunning blow to the head for the Red Devil faithful.

As it stands Washington-Wilkes leads the series 30-27-6. That will change one way or the other Friday, August 30, when the two teams meet once again at 8:00 this Friday at Buddy Bufford Field.

Although the Tigers are loaded with talent and experience and Coach Campbell makes a good case for whipping out the crying towel, the Red Devils have a long tradition of heart and guts. They are rarely down for the count which can mean a lot on the football field.

This year the archrivals are almost exact opposites:
** The Devils have 6 seniors; the Tigers are a senior-oriented football team with 17 seniors. W-W oozes experience.

"These kids have been deep in the playoffs for years and played for the state championship in 2000 -- they have a great deal of experience on the field in big ball games," Campbell said.

He went on to add, "With the exception of 5 people, we will play with last year's junior varsity team and start as many as 7 sophomores. I don't remember ever starting a sophomore and a freshman in the backfield. We also have sophomores at wide receiver and quarterback and two sophomore lineman."

** LCHS coaching staff has been in town for a while. Russell Morgan and Ed Lovvorn are the only coaches returning to W-W. The Tigers are also breaking in a new head coach, Ross New, former head coach at Carrollton High School in Carrollton, Georgia.


Summing up the Red Devils' position going into Friday's game, Campbell said, "this year, we're asking some young people to come up from the junior varsity and compete with a team ranked between #1 and #3 in the state, depending on which poll you see. Washington-Wilkes has only lost 5 games in three years. If we can play with Washington-Wilkes, we can play with anyone on our schedule."


In other comments, Coach Campbell said regardless of a win or a loss on Friday, the future of Lincoln County football looks very bright. "Our players are too young and too inexperienced to be judged by their performance against W-W. This is a young team that works hard and is getting better every week. I'm looking forward to this season. ..."