More Proof That 2001 was a Strange Year

September 03, 2002

No Red Devil fan needs to be reminded that 2001 was a very strange year, with Lincoln's 6-6 record being its worst in 30 seasons. Here's more proof!

John McKissick is the all-time winning high school football coach in the world, with 486 wins starting the 2002 season. He has been coaching since 1952, or for 50 of his 75 years. But in 2001, his Summerville (South Carolina) High team went 5-7, and was blown out in the playoffs 42-0. This was his second losing season ever, and his first since 1957 (44 seasons earlier). So 2001 was a bad year for several legends.

By the way, Coach McKissick has a winning percentage around .808 and 10 state championships in 50 seasons. Compare those numbers with Larry Campbell's .849 winning percentage and 9 state titles in 30 completed campaigns.