Devil Game History Updated

September 16, 2002

More Scores Found in UGA's Newspaper Collection.

We continue to research games from the first half-century of Red Devil football with the intent to identifying every game and every score. A day in the basement of the UGA Main Library last Friday provided these updates:

  • 1923: Corrected Louisville score to be 76-0

  • 1930: Found another mention of game with Lavonia, but it may have been cancelled

  • 1934: Found Hartwell score to be 34-0 them

  • 1951: Found Waynesboro score to be 41-0 them

  • 1952: Found Eatonton score 13-6 & Tennille score 20-0, both losses

  • 1953: Found Tennile score 13-6 them.

We are continuing to search for other scores in 1922, 1923, 1928, 1931, and other years. If you have information on any of these, please let us know!

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