78 Schools Have Taken on Campbell -- 47 Still Looking for First Win

September 29, 2002

Seventy-eight schools have taken on a Larry Campbell team over the past 30+ seasons. Forty-seven of those are still seeking their first victory over the man known locally as simply "Coach".

Twenty-one more teams can claim only a single victory over our Red Devils since the start of the 1972 season. That means that only 10 teams have claimed more than one win over Larry Campbell.

No team that has played Campbell's Devils at least twice can claim a winning record against the Lincoln County lads. Only six teams can claim a winning record at all, and those have only met Lincoln County a single time, in the playoffs.

Warren County has been the most frequent loser, with the Devils winning 27 times in as many games. The Devils have scored the most points against Aquinas, 835 in 22 meetings.

Washington-Wilkes, the most frequent opponent, can take credit for the most blemishes on Campbell's record with 11 wins against the Red Devils. But under Larry the Red Devils have taken their share of Tiger meat, with 20 wins and a 10-game win streak.

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