Feature: Turning Back the Clock to 1970

September 27, 2002

While we anticipate Larry Campbell's record-breaking 347th win in October, let's take a few minutes and consider what life was like before that first win -- before Coach Campbell was named head football coach -- before, well, before a lot of things we now take for granted.

It's fall of 1970. This is the year that Lincolnton High School became Lincoln County High School. And a young UGA graduate was hired to restart the Red Devil baseball program, and help with the football team.

But there was no cable or satellite television in Lincolnton. TV was usually Channels 6 & 12 from Augusta, and maybe Channel 4 from Greenville. Lincolnton was talking about installing a sanitary sewer system. Full ambulance service was a dream. The noon meeting place was the Home Cafe. The evening place was the original Tastee Freeze, next to Mr. Power's Amoco (or was it American then?) station. The post office was on Main Street, where Lincolnton Dry Cleaners now operates.

A shopping trip to Augusta meant going downtown where all the stores were: Sears, Penney's, Green's, Kress, Bowers Thrift Store, and others. Augusta had three movie drive-ins, and theatres downtown.

Elvis Presley had a new album out, and the top radio station was WBBQ AM, the Famous 1340. The late Buddy Carr was working afternoons, and Harley Drew, now on WGAC & WGOR, was the afternoon drive man. And believe it or not, we've found a website where you can return to November 1970, and listen to 36 minutes of Buddy, Harley, and the Tiger Radio days of WBBQ.

Click here for the website, and scroll down for the WBBQ audio.