CheerDevils Win Most Spirited Award in First Competition Ever

December 03, 2002

From The Lincoln Journal -- Lincoln County was well-represented by the LCHS Varsity Cheerleaders at the 2nd Annual Northeast Georgia Cheer-Off held Saturday, November 16, in Dacula.

The 2002-2003 squad has the distinction of being the first competitive cheerleading squad in the school's history. In fact, the Dacula cheer-off marked the girls' competitive debut.

Of the 15 squads competing in the Dacula cheer-off, LCHS was the only Class A school participating in the event. As a result, the girls had to contend with ... AAA and AAAA schools ... . Furthermore, Amanda Hill, squad captain, had to compete with a broken wrist.

Although LCHS did not place in the top four, the squad did make a good showing, performing a routine which included cheers, dance, stunts, jumps, and tumbling. Moreover, at the conclusion of the competition, the squad was presented with the Most Spirited Award. ... The squad [will compete in several competitions leading up to] the state championship in Columbus February 8.