Devils Go Camping

August 07, 2003

From The Lincoln Journal -- Fifty-two LCHS Red Devils braved the unpredictable August weather to take part in that annual rite of summer known as football camp.

The camp ran from Monday, July 28, through Thursday, July 31. "With 15 seniors, this was one of the best camps we've had," said Larry Campbell, head football coach and athletic director at LCHS. Another bright spot was that the team emerged from camp with no serious injuries.

If there was a dark cloud over the proceedings, it was the weather. "The weather was terrible from the standpoint that we didn't know when we could practice and when we couldn't because of the rain," the coach said. "One day we got in an hour of practice before we had to go back in. The field was extremely we throughout the week."

In other comments, Campbell said the coaches came out of spring practice knowing what the team's capabilities were. "Most positions were filled going into camp, although we did move players around, especially on defense. The defense looked good at yesterday's (July 31) scrimmage."

He went on to say that as usual, the defense is ahead of the offense at this stage of the game. "I'm a firm believer that the defense wins state championships. We started real slow in defense, but we got much, much better as the week progressed. We still have some question marks on the offensive line," he continued. "The running backs looked good in camp. At this time, the quarterbacking duties will be shared by two quarterbacks."

Coach Campbell noted that the Red Devils' kicking game was hurt the most by the loss of nine seniors last year. "We lost every phase of our kicking game except for the deep snapper. It's not very pretty." On a positive note, the team is fielding 15 seniors this year. "The two biggest keys to a successful season are senior leadership and team unity," said the coach. "We've been very well pleased so far. We hope it continues." ...

Looking ahead to the new season, Coach Campbell stated, "The preseason rankings have us from number 9 to number 11 in the state. I hope we surprise some people. Like always, a key factor is avoiding injuries. Probably our biggest problem is that so many of our players play on both sides of the football."