No, That's NOT Right!

September 15, 2003

In its coverage of Parkview's winning streak last weekend, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution twice stated that, in 1979, East Rome broke Lincoln County's 38-game winning streak with its own 39-game winning streak.

Here's the two stories:

  • All good streaks

  • Life after a long winning streak

  • A little online research in the wee hours of Saturday morning determined that East Rome had a tie during the first three games of 1979. East Rome may have had a 39-game UNDEFEATED streak, but they didn't have a 39-game WINNING streak. The AJC reporter that penned the first story indicated in an email to us that he got his East Rome info from their former coach.

    The bottom-line: Lincoln County held the Georgia state record for football winning streak from 1978 until 2002, or nearly a quarter century. Parkview's 46-game winning streak ended last Friday with a 35-21 loss to region foe Brookwood.

    We appreciate the AJC's coverage, but of course it is IMPOSSIBLE to write about football winning streaks in Georgia without including Lincoln County TWICE! (Check out our Trivia Question #32 for more about winning streaks.)

    (Thanks to Guil Mattison for alerting us to the first story!)