A Special Thank-You from "The Dear Hearts Lady" to the LC Band Director

December 03, 2003

This is the type of thing that, we believe, makes Lincoln County that special place it is.

Mickie McGee, known as "The Dear Hearts Lady" for her column in The Lincoln Journal, provided us with this thank-you she recently sent to Mr. Jasper Dukes, LC Band Director. The Red Devil Pride Marching Band has shown tremendous improvement and enthusiasm during Mr. Dukes two years in Lincolnton.

I haven't met you yet but please accept my thanks for continuing to play the "Red Devil Fight Song" at the ballgames and other school functions.

With so much rampant change in our society today, particularly small towns, it warms my heart (and many others I'm told) to hear the familiar sound of "Our Boys Goin' Shine Tonight!" My daddy passed away two years ago but he played for the Devils back when they were the Bearcats and still, everytime that song was played at a football game, I watched him stand up, tears in his eyes and sing while clapping his hands... every single time! So, in a way, that song keeps him, and so many other Red Devils of his day, a bit closer to me and all who loved them.

I'm proud to be a Red Devil, my husband and my sons were all Red Devils, and on behalf of them and many, many others, again, Thank You, Thank You! You all are doing a marvelous job and we do appreciate your efforts!

Sincerely, Mickie F. McGee
" The Dear Hearts Lady"