Lincoln County Will NOT Play in Dome at 9 AM This Year!

May 09, 2005

The GHSA Executive Committee voted March 14 to shake up the schedule of semifinal games at the Georgia Dome to put four of the classes' pair of semifinal games on the same day. For those classes, this will eliminate the one-day advantage some teams had, and may increase rivalries.

So, what happens to Class A? In 2005, the Class A semifinal games will be at 3:00 on Friday and Saturday. In 2006, Class A semifinals will be at 9 AM and noon on Saturday morning. So, no "breakfast at the Dome" for Class A this year!

The GHSA Executive Committee also voted to require 2,000 PERMANENT seats for Class A playoff games beginning with the quarterfinal round. Visiting teams may waive this requirement for the first or second round. Portable seating must have an "unobstructed view" of the playing field. The GHSA is also looking at having all title games at the Dome, beginning in 2006.

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