Devils Defense Always Strong

December 06, 2006

Lincoln County's Defense has been exceptionally strong this season, allowing only 45 points through 13 games. That number shrinks to 17 when only the starting defense is considered.

That effort includes 8 shutouts. During The Campbell Years, our Devils shutout one-third of their opponents. Think of how much higher than percent could be if we had not substituted late in the game.

But our Red Devils have always been stalwarts on defense. Let's look at shutouts since 1960. According to, Washington-Wilkes and Warner Robins have shutout opponents 128 times. Thomson has 147. Fabled Valdosta has 166, good for second.

Our Red Devils? It's not even close. They have 207. That's 41, or about one-fourth, more than the next closest team (Valdosta).

The best defense may have been 1963, with 10 shutouts in a 12-game season. The officials in Warrenton said the Blue Devils scored in the third quarter of the 10th game, but our fans still think they called the score too quickly. West Point managed 7 points in the second quarter of the Class C finals, but lost 33-7. Thirteen points in 12 games -- incredible.

When you take a close look at the 2006 defense, you also see some incredible play by lightning fast players and two linebackers that may be the best pair in the state.

Opponents Scoring Review:

  • Harlem 14 - TD after fumble at LC24 in 1st qtr - 2nd TD against subs
  • Washington-Wilkes 3 - FG after poor punt and short drive
  • Wilkinson County 6 - against subs
  • Warren County 7 - only long drive against starters
  • Trion 8 - against JV
  • Hawkinsville 7 - Fumble return + PAT