GHSA: Finals to Dome, No More Co-Champs

March 25, 2007

The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Executive Committee voted March 19 to require that ties in championship contests be resolved and one champion named. Beginning in 2008, the finals will be played in the Dome with semifinals played at qualifying home stadiums.

In 2006, two of the five football title games ended in ties. Starting with 2007, a title game tied after four quarters will be settled by the same procedure used in earlier playoff rounds: the modified college tie-breaker with teams taking turns starting from their opponents 15-yard line. The GHSA football committee will study the tie-breaker method and report at the August meeting.

In 2008, the Class A state championship game will be played in the Georgia Dome on the second Saturday afternoon in December. Standards and procedures for hosting quarterfinal and semifinal games will be the same as were used for the finals in 2006. Stadium standards were eliminated for the first and second rounds.

The Executive Committee also set the rules for the next reclassification, which goes into effect for the 2008 football season. Schools with an FTE count of 525 or less will be in Class A. That looks to include our Devils (470 in October 2006) and Washington-Wilkes (474). (We think the private school multiplier is being dropped.) For Class A, there will be a separate region alignment for football in addition to the alignment used for other sports. (This is designed to help with region alignment issues related to many small schools not playing football but playing other sports.) The new reclassification rules require a second vote as the GHSA constitution must be modified.

Other changes include allowance for a single pre-season scrimmage that will be for varsity teams only and will be played with normal timing/scoring rules.

Click here for the full minutes of the GHSA meeting.