Lincolnton Downs Thomson 58-0

October 27, 1923

Line-Bucking of Lokey for Thomson and Work of Entire Lincolnton Backfield Outstanding Features.

Lincolnton High School football team defeated Thomson High School here today by the score of 58 to 0. The game was hotly contested throughout. The visitors though outclassed players in a fine game. The line-up was as follows:

For Lincolnton: Gresham, center; Cooper, R.G.; W. Smalley, R.T.; Guillebeau, R.E.; Flanigan, L.G.; Mercier, L.T.; Williams, L.E.; Freeman, Q.B.; Sanford, R.H; Cliatt, L.H.; Smalley, F.B.

For Thomson: Jones, C.; Roper, B.G.; Bivins, R.T.; Well, R.E.; Evans, L.G.; Agoos, L.T.; Magorman, L.E,; Neal, Q.B.; Wilson, R.H.; Hunt, L.H.; Lokey, F.B.

The features of the game was the tackling of Jones and Neal and the line bucking of Lokey for the visitors while the locals the entire backfield, Freeman, Cliatt, Sanford, and Guy Smalley starred.

Also the fine defensive playing of Williams, Guillebeau, and Cooper featured for the locals.

Lincolnton plays Granite Hill, at Granite Hill next Friday and the locals expect the hardest fight of the season on this game, as the strength of Granite Hill is well known.

November the 9th the Lincolnton team plays Lavonia at Lincolnton for the championship of Northeast Georgia, both teams are so far undefeated in this section of the state and a great game is expected.