Football Season Opens

September 24, 1925

Friday, September 25 is the day appointed for the Lincolnton Bear Cats to test their strength against the strong team of Granite Hill. After three weeks of vigorous training the players are all in good condition, and are ready to deliver the goods.

The line-up will probably be as follows:
Sims and Fortson, le.
Gresham and Colvin, lt.
Walton and Williams, lg.
Fortson, c.
Smalley and Sims, rg.
Hammond, rt.
Ward, re.
Freeman, qb.
Hammond and Penland, rh.
Groves and Rodgers, lh.
Flanigan, fb.

We are certain that if you come you will see a good game, and the team will appreciate your presence and support. Come and root for Lincolnton High School.

(By Tinker Freeman)

Hello, Mr. Granite Hill, you're a lovely sight you bet
We're mighty glad to greet you, it's a year since we have met
Many years of fond hopes shattered, many years of grief and gloom
But at last we've scaled the mountain, and our flag is at the peak.
Our hearts are very happy, but our lungs are rather weak.
We will root till our vocal chords are almost "busted loose,"
But we've got to take a few days off to gather up more juice.
For the big bout with the tenth district A & M's now looming up I sight.
And for the Titanic struggle our old lungs must be right.