LHS Eleven to Hartwell on Friday

November 14, 1929

Again, Lincolnton High showed its prowess in football when the local eleven defeated the fast and scrappy bunch from Cornelia last Friday afternoon on the local gridiron by a score of 38 to 0.

It was a thrilling game from beginning to end, and at first the visitors appeared dangerous indeed, but very soon that good old spirit and team work necessary to win went to work and the final result was oh, so pleasing.

The game was marked by long runs and excellent passing on the part of the Lincolnton team. Wilkes, Bussey and Moss in the backfield made some nice runs around end and at passing, and Spires, hefty fullback, did himself proud in some very notorious linebacking.

And as usual, the L. H. S. line was impenetrable. It held like a stone wall. After the game was a few minutes old Lincolnton's goal was never in danger.

The visitors showed splendid spirit and talent in play. The team showed up about as good as any that has come here this season, and only the continuous pounding and perfect teamwork of the locals being responsible for the one-sided score.

Editor J. E. Stoddard, of Washington, a former star himself, refereed the game and his impartial decisions brought praise from both teams and spectators.

Friday, November 22, Lavonia comes here for a game. This is a team that has always given Lincolnton plenty of trouble, and the fight is more than likely to be interesting to the nth degree.

This Friday the Lincolnton boys will go to Hartwell to battle that team. And, oh, the revenge they are seeking! Lincolnton lost only one game last season and that one to Hartwell by a score of 7 to 0. The score was made on a fake play coming at a time the local boys were least expecting it, and it nearly paralyzed us all, because heretofore the team had not even been scored upon. It is possible (and who dare say it isn't?), the tide will be turned in Friday's game, and if our boys show the stuff they have in them Hartwell is as good as back now.