Game Recap

Red Devils 0

McCormick 18

Friday, October 8, 1943

Coach unknown

Played at home

Capt: Buddy "Red" Bufford; HB Billy "Rabbit" Mims

L.H.S. ELEVEN NOW HARD AT PRACTICE A light and inexperienced squad of only 23 Lincolnton High footballers moved into their third week of practice Monday afternoon. Only five hold-overs from last year's team are returning and they form the ucleus of the '43 team. The complete schedule has not yet been announced but the school is planning a seven game chart which includes teams from Thomson, Warrenton, McCormick, and Washington. The Washington game will be played on Thanksgiving Day and will be the Red Devils' last game of the season. Here is the roster of the 1943 Red Devil Football Team: NAME POS. HGT. WT. Wylie Estes Fb. 5'11" 150 Buddy Bufford Tb. 5'8" 137 James Cooper Wb. 5'10" 135 John M. Poland BB 5'10" 188 Bobby Mercier End 5'6" 133 Billy Mims End 5'6" 136 Ernest Smith Tac. 5'9" 140 John Spratlin C. 5'8" 130 Kenneth Goolsby C. 5'7" 140 Ward Spratlin TB 5'8" 102 Oneil Butler Gd. 5'8" 155 William Remsen Gd. 5'6" 180 H.W. Partridge Tac. 5'7" 135 Clyde Lawton WB 5'3" 110 John B. Smith End 5'3" 102 Jack Cooper Gd. 5'3" 110 Vernon Jones End 6' 160 William Cartledge T. 5'8" 155 Stanley Martin End 5'5" 130 John Glidewell Gd. 5'10" 120 Zimrie Sproase Tac. 6' 145 Billy Fuller Bck. 5'9" 180 Marvin Hammond T. 5'8" 180 ========= TLJ: FOOTBALL SEASON BEGINS HERE FRIDAY (By Eddie Martin) The Lincolnton Red Devil football squad swings into action Friday afternoon against a heavier and more experienced team from McCormick, S.C. The game, slated to begin at 3 P.M., central war time, is expected to be the unveiling of one of the classiest backfields Lincolnton fans have seen in years. Buddy ‘Red’ Bufford, newly elected captain, heads a list of backs consisting of Wylie Estes, a 150 pound triple-threat second year man, James Cooper, a splendid wing-back, who can grab a pass from any angle, John M. Poland, speedy blocking back who also is an excellent pass receiver, and Billy ‘Rabbit’ Mims, the fastest man on the squad, who can handle a ball like it has handles on it. Two new-comers will hold down the end positions: Stanley Martin and Bobby Mercier, both are fast and either of them can snatch a pass with the greatest of ease. Heading the list of linemen is Oneil Butler and William ‘Bill’ Cartledge, two 160- pounders with plenty of experience. Ernest Smith and Zimrie Sprouse, guard and tackle, respectively, are fast developing into a pair of fine linemen. At center John Spratlin and Kenneth Goolsby will alternate at the center position. Spratlin is light, but a splendid player both on offense and defense. Goolsby is a fine defensive man and is plenty heavy to take care of himself. The probable line-up for Lincolnton: Left End----------------------------Bobby Mercier. Left Tackle-------------------------Zimrie Sprouse. Left Guard--------------------------Ernest Smith. Center-------------------------------Goolsby or Spratlin. Right Guard------------------------Oneil Butler. Right Tackle------------------------William Cartledge. Right End----------------------------Stanley Martin. Blocking Back----------------------John M. Poland. Tail Back----------------------------Buddy Bufford. Wing Back--------------------------Cooper or Mims. Full Back----------------------------Wylie Estes.