Game Recap

A Red Devil WIN!

Red Devils 19

Greensboro 0

Friday, October 4, 1929

Coach Groves, Lucius

Played at home

Kickoffs at 3:30; game with ARC 9/27 cancelled due to Augusta flood.

TLJ 9/19/29 - Lincolnton Facing a Tough Schedule: ARC is First Next Friday afternoon, September 27th, the Lincolnton football eleven battles the lair of Richmond Academy at the Municipal Stadium in the city of Augusta. The Lincolnton boys, while not supposed to rank as high in football business as their first foemen, they are ready, straining at the leash to start the first game of the season. Since the first day of school the L. H. S. boys have been put through a most grueling period of work, and the boys who have stood the test have shown development far exceeding the highest hopes. Lincolnton's backfield will not be heavy, but what is lacking in avoirdupois will be made up in fleetness of foot and that superior skill and determination that have made our teams almost undefeatable, and which have given the team a good reputation, far and near. The line for this season shows signs of being equal to any occasion. Local football officials believe Lincolnton will have the strongest line since 1922, when it was impossible for high or prep school teams to penetrate it for any appreciable gain. Hammond, Dill, Flanigan, Penland, veteran linemen, are back this year and promise to make a hole in the opposing lines large enough for a whole team to go through. "Little Luck" Moss, galloping quarterback, has been training all summer, lifting chunks of ice twice his size and now has a punch like old corn whiskey. Bill Wilkes, fleet halfback of last year's team, will provide many thrills for the spectators with his long end runs this year. Charles Bussey, the new fullback, will be able, it seems, to furnish him with plenty of interference. Woodrow Spires is fast and husky and will be a shining light in backfield procedure. Besides these and other vets from last year we have several new worshippers at the shrine of the bounding pigskin, among whom are Charles Stribling, Partridge, Goldman, May, Williams, Norman, and Reid. The probable line-up at the beginning of the season will be in the following order: Right End-----------------------Hammond. Right Tackle--------------------Dill, Flanigan. Right Guard---------------------Sims, May, Mims. Center----------------------------Partridge, Goldman. Left End--------------------------Penland, Reid. Left Tackle-----------------------Stribling, Williams. Left Guard------------------------Norman. Quarterback----------------------Moss. Left Half---------------------------Wilkes. Right Half-------------------------Spires. Fullback---------------------------Bussey.