Game Recap

Red Devils 29

Brooks County 33

Friday, November 25, 1994

Coach Campbell, Larry

Played at home

Brooks 8-3, called by Campbell best team he had seen in a long time, with no weaknesses to exploit. 4 Div I-A prospects. LC jumped to 22-6 lead in 2nd, closed to 22-12 at half. Franklin Brown 96 int return restored lead to 29-19 going into 4th. Defense could not stop rushing game & shotgun passing. LC failed to get 1st on 4/a at its own 38, with BC scoring 3 plays later to lead w/8:15. LC fumbled w/5:00 left to end its comeback. Brooks moved down from AA, after 13yrs in playoffs - Trojans largest school in A. First time Campbell had lost a game after 14+ lead. First time since '72 that LC allowed more than 28 pts. First time EVER (since 1922) that Lincoln lost a game in which it scored at least 25 points. Brooks breezed through remaining playoffs to win title.

Second round