Game Recap

Red Devils 0

Royston 0

Friday, November 2, 1934

Coach Hammond, John

Played at home

Home games on May Field; no playoffs due to transportation problems

TLJ 11/1/3 - LINCOLNTON HIGH MEETS ROYSTON HERE FRIDAY The first home game of the Lincolnton gridiron season will take place on May Field Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock. Royston comes here to meet the L. H. S. Red Devils. The defeat at Hartwell last Friday lingers on the pugnacious mind of each member of the scrappy Lincolnton team. Yes, it’s true that Lincolnton will go on the field Friday with, more weight, experience, speed and ability that was used last Friday, and the new strength will be both in the line and in the back field. The gruelsome scrimmages of the past week has moulded out a team that every citizen of the town and county will be proud to stand by and cheer on to victory. No benefit plays or contributions have been asked, but your support at the game is essential to the success of the team, both mentally and financially. So make it a point to be there and bring your friends with you.