Game Recap

Red Devils 8

Hawkinsville 18

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Coach Campbell, Larry

Played away

Hawkinsville, loaded with Division I talent, was supposed to run all over our Devils, but the Lincoln Lads quickly showed this would be a tough game. QB Travis Clark suffered a concussion on LC's second play, tried to return, but was removed in the third quarter when he couldn't remember plays. A bad officiating call on a time-our request by Hawkinsville helped those Devils scored as the first half ended, taking momentum and a 12-0 lead. LC came back on a fumble takeaway and a 25-yard run by Shawntavius Jennings to cut the lead to 12-8, but 14-0 Hawkinsville hit another long pass for 18-8 and held on to win their first title since 1959.

State Final