Game Recap

A Red Devil WIN!

Red Devils 13

Warrenton 0

Friday, September 24, 1937

Coach Jones, Rollins

Played away

TLJ FOOTBALL SQUAD IS WORKING FOR PLACES After two weeks of practice on the field the football squad has been cut to almost its limit with about 25 men left to make the squad. The boys have not had much rough work as they should have due to the lack of equipment, but it is now fully equipped and we hope to give our worthy opponents (Warrenton) a good tussel to determine which is the best team. The team will appreciate all the help the town may offer in transportation of the players to the different games this year. The probable starting line-up for Friday, September 24, will be: Ends: Shelwyn Wansley, Allen Goldman; Tackles: Bob Guillebeau, Robert Parks; Guards: Homer Moss, G. D. Tolbert, John May; Center: Thomas Bunch; Quarterback: James Smalley; Halfbacks: Neal Wansley, Emorey Flint; Fullback: Thomas Partridge. Second first-team, of which some may start in above line-up: Ends: Charles Estes, William Ivey; Tackles; william Norman, Stanley Teasley, Homer Moss or Eugene Partridge; Guards: James Burton, Howard Reed, George Wright; Center: Tom Beck Steed; Quarterback: Billy Bunch, Bud Moss, Lang Steed, Halfbacks: Clayton Myers, Tommie Cunningham; Fullback: Kelley Mims. There is much room for improvement as some few are yet afraid to eat dirt, block, etc. THE SCHEDULE September 24-------------------Warrenton, there. October 1------------------------Winder, here (pending). October 8------------------------Lavonia, there. October 15------------------------Richmond Academy, there. October 22------------------------Tennile, here. October 29------------------------Hartwell, there. November 5-----------------------Madison, here. November 12----------------------Wrens, here. November 19----------------------Thomson, there. November 25----------------------Game Pending, here. ==== TLJ October 1937 The team meets the Warrenton players Friday at Warrenton. Of course, we are expecting a great game and a winning score, since our players have practiced hard and shown great improvement since the first practice. The new uniforms look great. The coach has really worked. He is an inspiration to the boys. The team is running over with enthusiasm and the determination to win every game this season, proving that good old yell you'll be hearing at every game. When you're up, you're up; When you're down, you're down; When you're up against Lincolnton You're upside down --------------- The boys making the trip are: Allen Goldman, Charles Estes, Homer Moss, John May, Bob Guillebeau, Melvin Partridge, George Wright, Stanley Teasley, Robert Parks, G. D. Talbert, James Burton, Thomas Bunch, Tom Beck Steed, J. W. Henderson, Shelwyn Wansley, Neal Wansley, Emory Flint, Clayton Myers, Thomas Paradise, Tommie Cunningham, Irvin Moss, Billy Bunch, William Ivey, Kelley Mims, and Lang Steed. ==== TLJ 9/30/37 - Many People Attend Warrenton Game Among those attending the football game in Warrenton last Friday were Misses Frances Wright, Sara Harnesberger, Dot Estes, Dorothy Breazeale, Jean Rees, LeVerte Drinkard, Annette Hoag, Maytrice Martin, Martha Smith, Jean Murray, Ruth Studdard, Martha Colvin, Olga Brown, Jacque Wright, Irene Hammond, Myrtle Smalley, Marp Frances Bentley, Leslie Rees, Marguerite McCrimmon, Edna Holloway, Sara McWhorter, Bettty Wansley, Mary Bertha Ward, Mildred Estes, Virginia Wilkes, Vivian Adair, Louise Smalley, Alicia Powell. Misters Rollin Jones, James Smalley, Neal Wansley, Sherwyn Wansley, Pete Cunningham, Clayton Myers, Billy Bunch, Melvin Patridge, Homer Moss, John May, G. D. Talbert, Irvin Moss, James Burton, Bob Guillebeau, Allen goldman, Marion Watson, Harvey Guillebeau, Mitchell Flint, Tommie Cunningham, George Jones, Thomas Matthews, Alex Dunnaway, Charles Estes, Larry Prince, John Drinkard, Leonard Brown, Harvey Ulm, T. C. Burton, Thomas Hogan, Thomas Mims, Thomas Bunch, George Wright, Emory Flint, Charlie Wall, Tom Smalley Edward Smalley, Clarence Smalley, Baskin Brown, Charles Bussey, Kelly Mims, William Ivey, Carl Ivey, J. C. McLean, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Brown, Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Spratlin, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoag, Mr. and Mrs. Mays, Mrs. Dean and little daughter, Mrs. R. T. Norman, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Smith and children, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hogan.