Red Devils vs. Calhoun Falls SC

Record in 10 meetings: 10-0-0

Winning Percentage: 100.000
Total scored: 309
Total allowed: 14
Average game: 30.90-1.40
Shutouts by Red Devils: 8
Shutouts by opponents: 0
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Fri, Oct 6, 1972Campbell, LarryW18-6T[more]
Conf champ prev 2 seasons
Fri, Oct 5, 1973Campbell, LarryW46-0H[more]
Fri, Sep 20, 1974Campbell, LarryW16-8T[more]
Fri, Sep 19, 1975Campbell, LarryW7-0H[more]
Mon, Sep 27, 1976Campbell, LarryW32-0T[more]
Fri, Sep 16, 1977Campbell, LarryW45-0H[more]
Home stands enlarged
Fri, Sep 1, 1978Campbell, LarryW42-0T[more]
GHSA chgd from B-A-AA-AAA to A-AA-AAA-AAAA; LC moved to AA (LC 316, A/AA 300)
Fri, Aug 31, 1979Campbell, LarryW42-0H[more]
New PA
Fri, Sep 19, 1986Campbell, LarryW27-0T[more]
Fri, Sep 18, 1987Campbell, LarryW34-0H[more]