Red Devils vs. Warren County/Warrenton

Record in 90 meetings: 63-25-1

Winning Percentage: 71.348
Total scored: 1849
Total allowed: 953
Average game: 20.54-10.59
Shutouts by Red Devils: 23
Shutouts by opponents: 16
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Fri, Oct 2, 1925Dunaway, W. T.W24-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 6, 1925Dunaway, W. T.W26-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 19, 1928Dunaway, W. T.W50-7H['more']
Returned interception for TD
Fri, Oct 27, 1933Garner, J. T.W14-13T['more']
Fri, Nov 16, 1934Hammond, JohnU0-0H['more']
Game scheduled with Warrenton in Lincolnton - need result
Fri, Oct 25, 1935CallowayL0-13T['more']
Fri, Sep 25, 1936Jones, RollinsW13-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 24, 1937Jones, RollinsW13-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 7, 1938Boyd, WilliamW6-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 6, 1939Boyd, ThomasT6-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 4, 1940Boyd, ThomasW13-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 3, 1941BurgessL0-12T['more']
Fri, Oct 2, 1942Fortson, TracyW7-6H['more']
Initially no team due to gas situation (WWII). Jiggs Smalley kicked winning PAT.
Fri, Nov 20, 1942Fortson, TracyL6-25T['more']
Thu, Oct 14, 1943unknownL0-12T['more']
Fri, Nov 12, 1943unknownL0-19H['more']
Fri, Oct 6, 1944Colvin, CurryL0-18T['more']
Fri, Nov 3, 1944Colvin, CurryL0-7H['more']
Fri, Sep 27, 1946Hawkins, John R.L0-6T['more']
"Shorty" Hawkins
Fri, Oct 3, 1947Hawkins, John R.W21-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 12, 1948Hawkins, John R.L12-34H['more']
Fri, Nov 18, 1949Anderson, James (Andy)W7-6T['more']
Fri, Nov 17, 1950Martin, EddieW26-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 14, 1951Martin, EddieL0-41T['more']
Also reported as 10/14 - Sunday??
Fri, Sep 19, 1952Chambers, RalphL6-21H['more']
One coach; 15-16 man roster
Fri, Sep 18, 1953Chambers, RalphL0-54T['more']
Worst loss by point margin in Devil history. 2nd most points allowed (55 to WW in 2001)
Fri, Nov 19, 1954Surls, LewisL6-12H['more']
13th consecutive loss
Fri, Nov 18, 1955Surls, LewisL14-20T['more']
Fri, Oct 12, 1956Surls, LewisL0-14H['more']
Fri, Oct 11, 1957Bufford, BuddyL7-13T['more']
Also reported as 6-12 Warren Co.
Fri, Sep 19, 1958Bufford, BuddyW19-14H['more']
Fri, Sep 18, 1959Bufford, BuddyL7-14T['more']
Fri, Nov 11, 1960Bufford, BuddyW39-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 10, 1961Bunch, ThomasW16-13T['more']
Fri, Nov 9, 1962Bunch, ThomasW27-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 15, 1963Bunch, ThomasW21-6T['more']
Disputed TD run in 3rd qtr; officials called TD too quick
Fri, Nov 13, 1964Bunch, ThomasW6-0H['more']
W won 2-C title; L 3rd
Mon, Nov 22, 1965Bunch, ThomasL0-12T['more']
2-C runnerup to WarrenCo.; Curtis McGill C lineman/year
Fri, Nov 4, 1966Bunch, ThomasL0-47H['more']
3000+ spectators; L 2C runnerup; 2nd worst loss in L history
Sat, Nov 4, 1967Bunch, ThomasL0-34T['more']
L 4th in 2C
Fri, Nov 15, 1968Bunch, ThomasL6-13H['more']
2C runnerup to W
Fri, Nov 14, 1969Bunch, ThomasL0-26T['more']
Fri, Nov 13, 1970Bunch, ThomasL0-20H['more']
Washington County originally scheduled 11/6. 10th game would have been region playoff game.
Fri, Nov 12, 1971Bunch, ThomasL6-35T['more']
Fri, Sep 15, 1972Campbell, LarryW27-10H['more']
Midget-Mite restarted by Campbell; first Campbell win; first win over Warren County in many years. Tommy Guillebeau asst coach at Warren Co.
Fri, Sep 14, 1973Campbell, LarryW17-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 25, 1974Campbell, LarryW29-12T['more']
Fri, Oct 24, 1975Campbell, LarryW28-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 1, 1976Campbell, LarryW36-8H['more']
Fri, Sep 30, 1977Campbell, LarryW26-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 9, 1984Campbell, LarryW29-16T['more']
AA: Wrome 14-1, 48-1-0 w/37-consecutive (Mhill asst)
Fri, Nov 8, 1985Campbell, LarryW21-14H['more']
Fri, Nov 14, 1986Campbell, LarryW24-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 28, 1986Campbell, LarryW9-0H['more']
Fri, Nov 13, 1987Campbell, LarryW49-22H['more']
Fri, Nov 20, 1987Campbell, LarryW34-6H['more']
Fri, Nov 11, 1988Campbell, LarryW10-0T['more']
WC #1 def
Fri, Nov 25, 1988Campbell, LarryW28-7H['more']
WC #1 def, no rush TD until LC scored 4, WC allowed 50 pts all yr, 38 by LC, GH 187y3td
Fri, Nov 10, 1989Campbell, LarryW28-3H['more']
WC 9-0-0,A#3; WC 16 W 0
Fri, Sep 21, 1990Campbell, LarryW19-0H['more']
WC began #4; new coach
Fri, Sep 20, 1991Campbell, LarryW39-12T['more']
WC -2y rush, scored on 2y pass, 42y fum-rtrn; Reo Wright 2 fum recvry, 2 int in 1st half; 40 consecutive road wins
Fri, Oct 30, 1992Campbell, LarryW24-14T['more']
last 7 against 2nd-string
Fri, Oct 29, 1993Campbell, LarryW29-6H['more']
More rain
Fri, Oct 28, 1994Campbell, LarryW27-0T['more']
Cold as usual in Warrenton
Sat, Oct 28, 1995Campbell, LarryW40-6H['more']
Game postponed to Sat night due to bad storm & tornados Fri night. Only postponed/played game we can find. Scored against subs.
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Campbell, LarryW40-12T['more']
Fri, Nov 7, 1997Campbell, LarryW26-14H['more']
19-0 at half. TDs came against subs.
Fri, Nov 6, 1998Campbell, LarryW36-3H['more']
Homecoming - clock running 2nd half
Fri, Nov 5, 1999Campbell, LarryW53-0H['more']
Homecoming - clock running 2nd half.
Fri, Nov 10, 2000Campbell, LarryW26-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 9, 2001Campbell, LarryW28-10T['more']
The Red Devils once again found themselves behind in the first half, but they used their ball-control offense to take over the game and whip the Screaming Devils 28-10 and wrap-up the second seed in Region 4-A, guaranteeing a home playoff game. Sanchez Jones scored twice and rushed for 98 yards, with Courtney Partlow, Octavius Andrews, and QB Cedric Leverett all making important offense contributions.
Fri, Nov 1, 2002Campbell, LarryW32-6T['more']
Campbell wins #349 and clinches playoff berth on possibly last visit by Devils to Warrenton's Legion Field.
Fri, Oct 24, 2003Campbell, LarryW55-20H['more']
Homecoming; Dedication of Thomas Bunch Fieldhouse; Travis Clark passed for 352 yards and 4 TDs and Taveras Stokes returned punts for 63 and 52-yard TDs to lead the Red Devils. Warren County's first quarter TD was the first points scored against LC in the first half this season, and the first time LC was behind in 2003.
Fri, Oct 22, 2004Campbell, LarryW31-0T['more']
Big Red capitalized on 6 Warren County turnovers to whip the Screaming Devils 31-0. A Larry Campbell team has never lost to Warren County, now in 30 contests. The victory gives Lincoln County the 2004 Region 7-A title.
Fri, Oct 21, 2005Campbell, LarryW30-0H['more']
Warren had been averaging over 45 points per game in their last five, with speedy runners. LC forced 5 fumbles that led to a 18-0 halftime lead and mercy rules during last quarter. Warren coached by former Wrens/Jefferson County Charles Rutland (190-106-6, including 1-29 vs LC).
Fri, Oct 27, 2006Campbell, LarryW28-7T['more']
Fri, Oct 26, 2007Campbell, LarryW14-7H['more']
Fri, Nov 7, 2008Campbell, LarryW41-7T['more']
34th straight win over Warren County. First game at new Warrenton field. Screaming Devils scored late against subs. LC led 20-0 end of first.
Fri, Nov 6, 2009Campbell, LarryW19-18H['more']
It was one of those nights when almost nothing went right for the Red Devils. Penalties, turnovers, and poor pass defense almost gave Warren County its first win over Lincoln County since 1971. The Screaming Devils jumped out to a 12-0 lead after long passes and a 95-yard fumble return for TD. Big Red closed the gap to 12-7 at the half, but Warren County scored with 2:00 left in the third to take a 18-7 lead. The Devils came back, with Franklin Sherman scoring on a QB sneak with 11:01 to go to close to within 5. The Screaming Devils put together their best time-consuming drive of the night, moving into Devil territory and taking 5 minutes off the clock. Tavious McGahee gave the Devil faithful hope when he intercepted a pass and returned it about 50 yards to the WC 22. Steven Morris rushed for 12 before DeVonte Wright slashed in from the 10 for the go-ahead score with 5:20 left. McGahee grabbed another Screaming Devil pass on their next and final possession, and the Devil offense picked up 2 first downs to wind down the clock and secure the victory.
Fri, Sep 24, 2010Campbell, LarryW27-0T['more']
A strong defense and varied offense led the Devils to a 27-0 win over the previously once-beaten Screaming Devils. Garrett Mohr seemed to be everythere with 7 carries for 55 yards and 3 pass completions for 53 yards. He also blocked one punt to setup the first LC TD, and nearly scored the third TD. He punted 5 times for a 44 yard average, and played defense on passing downs. Craig Jones led the running attacked with two 5-yard TD runs among his 14 carries for 86 yards. Franklin Sherman completed 4 of 12 attempts for 58, with Mason Saggus catching two for 33 yards. The Devils would have scored on their first offensive play on a Sherman-to-Saggus pass, but a motion penalty nullified the play.
Fri, Sep 23, 2011Campbell, LarryW10-7H['more']
Both teams entered the game as two of the highest scoring in the state, averaging over 44 points per game, so the game evolves as a defensive struggle. Warren's points come on return to blocked punt in 3rd qtr to give visitors a 7-3 lead. LCRD kept visitors offense in check throughout the game, with only a handful of first downs. WC's best running back, averaging over 140 yards per game and 17 yards per carry coming in, was held to 58 on 16. LC scored on Craig Jones run with 1:05 left in third to take lead, then LC defense stopped WC. 36th straight win of LC over WC.
Fri, Oct 5, 2012Campbell, LarryW49-6T['more']
700th win all-time. WC homecoming. LC fans became chain crew. Last quarter played with running clock per GHSA rules.
Fri, Oct 4, 2013Campbell, LarryW60-12H['more']
WC coached by former Red Devil Cherrard Freeman. WC lost 4 fumbles and interception in first half, leading to LC 54-0 lead at halftime.
Fri, Oct 3, 2014Banks, KevinW23-0T['more']
On a wet field after showers just before kickoff and in second quarter, Devils led 20-0 at half before securing their second consecutive shutout. Warren County coached by former Devil/GaSouthern star Cherard Freeman.
Fri, Oct 2, 2015Banks, KevinW31-0H['more']
Kickoff moved up 90 minutes due to weather concerns. Red Devils scored 17 in first quarter, 24 in first half. Hartfield carried 18 times for 130 yards and 2 TDs.
Fri, Oct 14, 2016Banks, KevinW34-6H['more']
Homecoming & Senior Recognition - Devils scored on their first 4 possessions for a 34-0 halftime lead. The game ended with LC gaining nearly 400 yards. This continued 45 years of Homecoming wins and wins over Warren County. Warren coached by LCHS graduate Cherard Freeman.
Fri, Oct 13, 2017Banks, KevinW63-14T['more']
Red Devils scored early and often to lead 49-8 at the half. Two 50+-yard passes from Reid to Roberts in the second quarter broke the game open. LC had 488 yards offense.
Fri, Sep 21, 2018Pollock, MichaelL21-28H['more']
First Homecoming loss since 1971. First loss to Warren County since 1971. First loss to former Red Devil player - Cherard Freeman. Devils led 14-0 early in 2nd but WC came back to lead 22-21 at half and added insurance on opening drive of second half.
Fri, Sep 27, 2019Pollock, MichaelW41-14T['more']
Fri, Oct 28, 2022Chomskis, LeeW34-0T['more']